Welcome to Duffy’s Studio

Duffy’s Golf Studio, located just minutes away from the Gulf of Mexico, is a state of the art Golf Studio designed to help you maximize your golfing potential.

The convenient location at 2928 West Bay Drive in Belleair Bluffs Florida, allows golfers throughout the Tampa Bay area to get all of their club fitting needs met.

Whether it’s driver fittings, iron fittings, loft/lie fittings, regripping, reshafting, putter bending, golf swing and ball flight analysis, Duffy’s Golf Studio has the tools to help you take your Golf Game to the next Level!


I hope you are doing well.  I am loving my PXG clubs that Martha and Terry set me up on for Christmas!  Shot a 72 today at my club (missed 2 greens).   Finished the round with birdies on 3 out of 4 holes! READ MORE HERE

Craig H

John, Hope this message finds you doing well. Last September (Labor Day weekend to be exact), you fitted me for a set of Miura CB 57 irons and re shafted and changed the lie on my wedges. I was referred to you from Harry Howell (Bosten Millers cousin), both from West Virginia, as am I.  READ MORE HERE

Bo D

Hey Mr. Duffy, just wanted to tell you that the adjustments are awesome! My wedges are consistently flighting the same and same shape. The 48 degree is now going the correct distances and around the greens all clubs are performing correctly!  READ MORE HERE

Barry M


Had a sec this morning and wanted to let you know that both Lisa and I added 20+ yards to our drives with the new equipment. Between the driver and 2 wood Im hitting 8 irons not 5 irons to greens and with my Miura’s you know Im sticking it. Im a happy camper   READ MORE HERE

Miura Testimonial – Troy

I WON the final of my licensed trade CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP winning 3 and 1 in an EPIC battle on my opponents home course!!!! I’ve been close many times before but because of you, your wisdom, your guidance and YOUR equipment. I finally WON.  READ MORE HERE

Billy L