Duffy’s Golf Studio Services

Driver Fittings

In My Studio when we are looking to do a Driver Fitting, we will use the technology of Trackman Golf Launch Monitor. Trackman works off of Doppler Radar and is the Launch Monitor that every Touring Pro, whether male or female, gets fit with today. Trackman sees things that the naked eye could never possibly see. The data is very accurate and tells the whole story behind every golf swing.  We will be looking at many pieces of that data but once I know what your Attack Angle is, and that is the angle that you swing down or up at your ball, your Ball Speed, and that is how fast you move your ball, and your Spin Rate, which is how much spin you put on the ball, there are optimal launch conditions based on the force you have behind it. I will test you with different lofted drivers, various shaft flexes with additional various bend profiles and clubs of different lengths. We will be looking at your Landing Angles too, which is the angle that your ball falls out of the sky. The Driver Fitting is very informative and is an eye-opener for those who struggle but just never know why. I look forward to you coming in for a Driver Fitting.

Iron Fittings

wedges_mixWhen someone comes in to my shop for an Iron Fitting, I will have them hit some balls and loosen up with one of their original irons and will be looking at many factors as I ask questions about their game and how they miss shots and give strokes away and what their shot profile looks like. After they are loose, I will put together a demo iron club to hit based on the data that I have gathered and we will start tracking the results based on Ball Speed, Height of Shot at its Peak, Landing Angle, Carry Distance, Spin Rate and a few other variables. The customer will hit clubs of different specifications based on the data gathered. Everyone who goes through an Iron Fitting walks away with so much more knowledge about what the golf club actually does and why they may have struggled or had issues with their existing irons. Clubs have the option of being too long, not long enough, too heavy and even some times too light. They may be hitting balls too high, too low, too far offline to either the left or right of their intended target lines. I will have many options from the finest forgings in the world to very friendly easy to hit low center of gravity cavity back irons to choose from. Call to set up an Iron Fitting today.

Loft/Lie Fittings

In a Loft /Lie Fitting, the customer will bring in all of their irons and will take some swings and hit balls to loosen up a bit. When they are feeling comfortable, I will tape up the bottom or sole of their iron and will have them hit it off what is called a Lie Board. The lie board will show me exactly where they are soling their club at impact. I will be looking at their ball flight and also looking at their impact marks on the tape that I had applied to the sole of the club. After a few swings, I will explain what I am looking at and some of the reasons they are not  hitting the ball in the middle of the club face. I will then bend the hosel of the club to the desired lie angle and have them repeat hitting it again. The feeling coming through the club right up the shaft will be something that most people have rarely ever had the sensation of feeling !!! When you hit the ball in the middle of the club face as opposed to out on the toe or down near the heel your distance, accuracy and trajectory all change at the same time!!! It is the most important part of the iron makeup but also the most ignored !!! People always come back or call me on the phone to say they have never hit the ball so solid or so good after they had their irons bent. I look forward to adjusting your irons so you can play better golf.


Ken Venturi says that a new set of grips can save you a bunch of strokes on the course and make your clubs feel new again!! Golfers all have hands of different sizes and when they purchase clubs, most have a standard size grip on them. Many of those grips are either too big, too small or even too heavy for the golfer. Stop by my Studio and have your grip size measured for exactly what would be the best size for your hand, and then we will discuss the various options in grip materials that you can possibly choose from. Grips that are too big for you will prevent you from being able to release the golf club while, conversely, grips that are too small will have your hands turning over too quickly and having you miss targets to the left and also have you squeezing too hard on the club and potentially robbing you of distance also. Some golfers sweat profusely and need corded materials so they can hold the club more easily. Many golfers have their fingers digging into their palms and are using forearm muscles then to help squeeze the club, and forearm muscles are not part of the golf swing!! Lets look at your grips and see how we can make them work for you as opposed to against you !!


At Duffy`s Golf Studio, I will analyze the club that seems not to be “cooperating” with you. Whether it is a Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, Iron or Wedge, I can examine that club to see why it may or may not be set up correctly for you. Some golfers that visit my shop have shafts that are too stiff and will not give them the opportunity to hit that club at the proper launch angle and/or will reduce their ball speed based on the fact that the shaft does not kick for them. Others have shafts that are too weak and will cause excessive spin rates and balloon their shots or cause the ball to really fly offline for them. Some will have shafts that are designed to hit the ball high in the air when they need a shaft to keep the ball down to control trajectory and, vice versa, others have shafts that keep the ball down when they might need a shaft that will give them some more spin and hit the ball higher!! Some golfers will also have shafts that are just too long for them. On the PGA tour today, the most common length for a driver is 45 inches and the 2nd most common length is 44 1/2 inches. Most of the Drivers purchased off a store shelf today come in lengths that are significantly longer. Why would the players with the best swings in the world have a driver shorter than yours???

Putter Bending

43 percent of your scoring out on the golf course is attributed to putting. The golf ball is a stationary object unlike a fastball, curveball or even a slider in baseball, but there are so many golfers who cannot hit that golf ball in the sweet spot on their existing putter due to the fact that the putter is not fitted to their stroke. Putters that come into my Studio are too long, have too small of a grip on them, are not weighted enough, too upright, meaning the toe is up in the air at address or too flat, whereby the toe of the putter is digging into the ground when they are addressing the ball. I will watch you stroke your putter on my putting green and then make some recommended changes. In a little time after all the necessary adjustments have been made, the golfer will be rolling the ball in a significantly better fashion and will be on their way to making more putts on the course!!!

Trackman Pro

tm-logo2TrackMan Pro is the choice of the PGA Tour, USGA and The R&A for swing and ball flight analysis. A staple on professional tours, with leading club fitters, manufacturers, retailers, universities, academies, instructors, players and broadcast TV, TrackMan Pro is the industry standard for accuracy, flexibility, reliability and ease of use.